Same Love for Macklemore & The Grammys?

I love Macklemore, the Grammy Awards, and CBS even more!

Shameless PR (COM 475)

So, the Grammy Awards airs tonight. I don’t know about you, but I’m anticipating some of my favorite artist’s big performances and big wins. One of my favorite artists and a Seattle favorite, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are set to perform “Same Love,” the biggest pro-marriage-equality song of 2014.

While debate is still swirling the U.S. over same-sex marriage laws, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are taking the center stage. During their big performance tonight, 34 couples, of different ethnicities, ages, and sexual orientations, will be married live.

Ryan Lewis stated that the ceremonies will show that “all the couples are entitled to the same exact thing.” Hence, “Same Love.”

Talk about a PR stunt, and not one that will reflect badly on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, but on the Grammy Awards and CBS network. Everyone already knows that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis support marriage equality, but what kind of opinion…

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