Idiocy on MLK Day

How is something like this still happening 46 years after Martin Luther King Jr’s death? Has our society become so complacent that we are forgetting what he sacrificed to obtain civil liberties for all citizens?

College & Travel Log

An Arizona State Frat hosted a party on Martin Luther King Jr.’s commemoration Holiday. Uncalled for and overly racist, the party hit the fan.

ASU’s Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity held an unregistered  “MLK Black Party,” inviting party-goers to “dress like black people.”

Those who attended appeared to fit the stereotype; wearing tall basketball jerseys, sagging pants, drinking from watermelon cups, and flashing gang signs. All of which aired on the attendees’ social media networks.

As a consequence, the university suspended all operations of the fraternity and is taking action against the individuals involved.

Since 2012, the fraternity has been on disciplinary probation with the university, prohibiting TKE members to host parties.

Looking at the situation from a Public Relations perspective, TKE members who partook in the festivities have influence on ASU’s image- as representatives of a national fraternity. This is precisely why the university acted as quickly as it had.

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