Dylan Farrow’s sex assault claims against Woody Allen

On ABC’s “The View” today, Barbara Walters went against her panel of women in defense of Woody Allen. She said she can vouch for Woody Allen and the wonderful husband and father he is now. Can anyone really vouch for someone else as a father or husband if it’s not their own. Has she lived with them? Does she have cameras in his house that witness what happens behind closed doors? I loved how Sherri Shepherd, another co-host, pointed out that Barbara’s words were quite familiar. They are the same words we always hear on the news right after a tragedy, whether it’s a school shooting, domestic violence act, a case similar to Sandusky, and so on. The neighbors and friends who are interviewed always say, “He or she was the nicest person. I would never think they were capable of doing this.” Other co-host, Jenny McCarthy pointed out that the girl has nothing to gain by coming forward. I agree. Barbara pointed out, though, that no charges were ever brought against Mr. Allen. What she didn’t point out is that it was also during another day and age where it was harder to get those type of charges brought to light. Also, she never mentioned the statistics for children who recall sexual abuse. There is only a 4 percent chance that the child is lying. Children have no reason to make something like that up. This girl has had to live with the horror and had to deal with it in her own time. She should’t have to apologize that she has come forward during award season. Woody Allen doesn’t like receiving awards anyways. Maybe there’s more to his secrecy and hermit like behavior than meets the eye. Why does Barbara Walters treat Mr. Allen like the victim? Victims will never feel safe coming forward if people continue to protect the abusers in our society based on their economic and social status.

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